Zohreh Mizrahi is a Senior Partner & Co-Founder of the Law Offices of Mike S. Manesh. Ms. Mizrahi has practiced Immigration law for over 20 years, specializing in Defense of Deportation, Asylum, Green Cards, and Employment & Investment Visas.

Zohreh Mizrahi’s in-depth knowledge of Immigration law has enabled her to tackle highly complex Immigration issues.  Among her many accomplishments is The Estate of Bayani v. The Islamic Republic of Iran, et al. Ms. Mizrahi, in the U.S. Federal District Court for D.C., obtained a judgment totaling over $460 million in damages against the Islamic Republic of Iran and “the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps” for its “extra-judicial killing” of a dual Iranian-American citizen.

Zohreh Mizrahi’s Immigration intelligence and achievements have also inspired her presence as an Expert Witness in Federal Court.

Zohreh Mizrahi’s reputable career is a result of the dedication, true commitment, and intricate attention she gives to each of her Clients’ cases.


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