Zohreh Mizrahi Honored as a Distinguished Member by the Pacific Council on International Policy

Ms. Zohreh Mizrahi is a Senior Partner, heading the immigration department, at the Law Offices of Mike S. Manesh. Zohreh’s compassionate and fearless advocacy for immigrants throughout the years has made the Law Offices of Mike S. Manesh one of the preeminent immigration law firms in the United States.

Zohreh began her career in law in 1990, with a primary focus on representing Middle Eastern victims of persecution caught in the US Immigration system. Early into her career, Zohreh began to make significant headways in the Legal Immigration Community. She simultaneously gained fame, notoriety, respect and trust within the Iranian community by responding to individuals and simplifying complex legal terminology via radio in fluent Farsi. Zohreh helped strengthen her rapport in the immigrant community by helping to establish a number of non-profit organizations with the aim of improving community relations, mentoring newly-arrived immigrants, and assisting less advantaged members of the Community. Among her greatest endeavors, she collaborated with the Iranian Political Education Committee in organizing a campaign to naturalize hundreds of Iranians in Los Angeles County. Zohreh donates her personal and professional time to representing individuals facing imminent deportation, detention and incarceration.

Zohreh has established a solid and respectful reputation with the Immigration Judicial Bench, and acts as a consultant to many Judges on non-litigation Immigration issues and Iran’s Country conditions. After 9/11, Zohreh shifted her professional focus to safeguarding the liberties of individuals caught in the legal system under the new Immigration and National Security Policy and raising cultural awareness within US law enforcement system. She was invited to become a member of the Iranian-American Advisory Council to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, where she was tasked with bridging the gap between law enforcement agencies and cultural particulars. She has since gone on to chair the Council. Zohreh joined the Reserved Forces of The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in 2008.

What do you believe is currently the most pressing foreign policy issue?

The most pressing foreign policy with which we are currently faced include the rise of religious fanaticism, as well as the western powers’ approach to creating a dialogue with democratic systems in the aftermath of  unprecedented removal of old regimes.

What is your greatest accomplishment in the realm of international relations?

Due to the sensitive nature of my work as an immigration attorney and human rights activist, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with people representing countries, cultures, and religions from around the world.  I noticed that within the international community there were certain injustices occurring in parts of the world where individuals lacked a legal voice to protect themselves. Legal action became the only way to fight these inhumane realities.

If I may exemplify a case that I worked on, The Estate of Bayani versus The Islamic Republic of Iran, it took an unfortunate execution of a dual American-Iranian citizen by the Islamic Republic of Iran for the world to learn about human rights violations and legal precedents to further protect individuals as stated in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article III of the U.N. Convention Against Torture, and the exception to the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act.  It took a legal approach of utilizing mechanisms within the law and identifying an innovative legal procedure in the court of law for international governments to understand that their illegal, inhumane, and unjust actions cannot be performed without international and legal repercussions.

What are you reading right now?

Pushing The Limits; Life of Frank Lowy By Jill Margo.

What are some of your favorite global resources online?

NPR, Voice of Israel, and BBC.

Why did you become a member of the Pacific Council?

On a personal level, my friendship with Dr. Jerrold Green and Carl Covitz, who were very active and extremely knowledgeable about world issues and professionally. After attending several events as a guest, I closely observed a higher level of intellectual exchange between the membership and the guest speakers. The Pacific Council facilitates a forum for first-hand information and in-depth analysis of issues. An added factor is how the world leaders do seek opinion of PCIP on strategic issues and diplomacy.

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Please visit the Pacific Council’s Distinguished Member Spotlight on Ms. Mizrahi http://www.pacificcouncil.org/zohrehmizrahi


About zohreh1

Senior Partner & Co-Founder of the Law Offices of Mike S. Manesh, A P.C. Zohreh Mizrahi has practiced immigration law for over 20 years, specializing in defense of deportation, asylum, green cards, and employment & investment visas. Her in-depth knowledge of Immigration Law has enabled her to tackle highly complex immigration issues. Her knowledge, combined with her years of experience and mindful advocacy allows Zohreh Mizrahi legal approach to reach timely and successful resolutions for her clients. Dealing with such complicated immigration issues throughout her legal career has inspired her presence as an expert witness in Federal Court on numerous occasions. Among her greatest legal successes was The Estate of Bayani v. The Islamic Republic of Iran, et al., where Ms. Mizrahi, in the U.S. Federal District Court for D.C., obtained a judgment totaling over $460 million in damages against the Islamic Republic of Iran and “the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps” for its “extra-judicial killing” of a dual Iranian-American citizen. Ms. Mizrahi is an exceptional attorney whose tact and intelligence is regarded as a necessary component and is subpoenaed by the Federal Courts as an expert witness on numerous occasions.
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